Radical Moves

Like a cherry on the cake... Here's a lightning spark that can electrify everything in motion.

Wealthifying your life is about adding sources of richness to your existence in whichever form appeals to you. 

Whether it is richness in having money, being surrounded by nature, having loving relationships, or simply reaching certain goals... 
 Maybe all of the above.?! 

We are not about sitting around and waiting for it. The MikMoves approach is teaching you how to manifest your own genuine desired life deliberately. Be the Magic! the world is a mess! Let's create something better! 
It's NOT about figuring out HOW it gets better, it's about picturing something better. Something different. Better. Innovative. Authentic. And believing it is possible. It is done. It has become. 

You'll see how then the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Sometimes you'll be in wonder where they came from seemingly out of nowhere. That's where the magic of creation enters your life. Pure alchemy! But it's not a random act. It's deliberate! 
You are a Creator. 
While MikMoves retreat programs assist you in mastering this art of creation, doing things bravely different by being authentically you, we want to introduce you to an exciting way to expand your financial freedom starting straight away. 

If this clicks with you, consider it one of those pieces showing up out of nowhere simply because you imagined an outcome. What are the infinite possibilities now?

Presenting ELYSIVMA practical -and radical- cherry on the cake!

With the aim to democratise wealth through the retail of investment portfolios, you can join as a client to expand your capital, or join as an introducing broker.
Or do both. 

 How could this ignite your progress in wealthifying your life?
 Be Radical..  Make your Moves..  Know that he Time is Now.

Let's add more leading-edge

Elysium Network aims to deliver the highest rewards for their retail investors with a ‘Pinnacle Portfolio’ focusing on the best risk-to-reward ratio possible. 

Never before has there been a fully compliant and regulated multi-tiered programme for Introducing Brokers to refer their retail clients to. 

This is no longer an exclusive domain restricted to professional and accredited investors. Now anyone has a fair chance at sustained long-term residual income. 
Hence, the slogan Democratising Wealth. 

Let me introduce you to CEO and founder, Fred Stege, and hear from the lion's mouth how this can benefit you with ease.  Get in touch to get on a call. 


When you are interested in growing your monetary wealth you can join ELYSIUM as a CLIENT
Even with a small amount you can get started and with a click of a button and you can opt-out at any time.


Elysium Network offers INTRODUCING BROKERS [IBs] licensing in a regulated environment to introduce prospective clients to an exclusive investment portfolio, supported by marketing software. A qualified team of Customer Relations Managers and Trading Desk Management team will serve your clients on your behalf.


ELYSIVM services are not intended for distribution, commercialisation, to, or use by any person in any country and jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.