Water Secrets


The Secret Capacities of the Sea

  • Do you know that tranquil feeling of a beach walk?
  • Did you know that water can pick up your thoughts? 
  • And what if I told you the water can help to detox your body? 
  • What if Water is Consciousness? 
  • What if the rivers, seas and oceans, are actually the source for humanity to unite with practical ease to create a better world? 
Let's look at these aspects a bit closer. Please read on. 


People have been drawn to the coastlines of our continents since the start of time. For livelihoods like fishing and trading, but also for relaxation and recreation. Walking along a beach enjoying the sound and moving of the sea has a calming, rejuvenating and replenishing effect. Going for a swim in the sea or spend time on it whether it be on surfboards or boats, it has always empowered that wellbeing feeling. Not sure if anybody really wondered why this was so. But there sure seems to be an archetypical sense of ultimate wellbeing about white sandy beaches and pristine seashores. The big fast Ocean might be a bit intimidating for many, and yet I guess it's fair to say that mankind, in general, has a deep-rooted respect for it. 

The sensation of tranquillity is the basic benefit of all MikMoves sailing retreats too. When joining a retreat you will be up, on, over and in the water the whole duration of your stay. This unparalleled intensity beats the weekend visit to the sea as you will be surrounded by water 24/7.  You will get to know it on an intimate level. The benefits are unprecedented.

Memory or Knowing?

Dr Masaru Emoto concluded that water has memory after he had researched how water exposed deliberately to specific emotions changed its molecular structure per emotion, thoughts and even music. 

Mik, the Water Whisperer, turns out to be in a continuance of Dr Emoto's findings. Without having had any in-depth introduction to Dr Emoto's work, Mik found herself in awe when the water revealed its communication to her during a sailing trip in the Mediterranean in 2014. The first experiential retreats were held a year later.

Watch the video below for an impression. Miraculous practical benefits befall the participants who experience first hand, nowadays onboard a catamaran, what these secrets of the seawater can establish.

They learn how to communicate with the water and how this contributes to them. And the creative holistic research of water consciousness continues on saltwater, the sea, and will be a fun aspect during the sailing retreats. This in itself is unique.

All knowledge is implemented in the Water Whispering World™, Oceans of Awareness™ and Sail into Consciousness™ sailing retreats, resulting in a life-changing experience. Exponentially so when you have joined all three retreats.

Healing Capacities

Much to share about the Magical secrets of the water. The sea gives back in so many ways. Energetically but also directly in a practical sense.

It harbours information that is part of our physical blueprint as living beings. Of course, not just of human beings, but of all living species in the oceans AND on land. That includes plant life. 

Have you ever considered that? 
And water may well be a space commodity. In all its forms it is truly and amazingly infinite... 

It morphs into different states like rigid icy rocks, fluid waves, raindrops, snowflakes, and damp, fog and fine humidity or steamy fumes.. 

 How about that? Never-ending.. 

Water has an almost obvious connection with everything, yet we don't tend to see it or be aware of it.

Join a Water Whispering World ™ exclusive sailing retreat to learn how to have the water contribute to you, and expand your awareness on how you can contribute to the water in return.

Even in the video above, would you sense that at least half of this group of women was uncomfortable with getting into the sea at first? Yes, they were.

During the retreat, the guidance they received brought calmness with the water. They dared get in and even thrived.

Let water embrace you and amaze you!

What is Water Consciousness?

What if Water is not just conscious, but, as I would dare to say, it IS Consciousness? 

 Yes, I found out a thing or two about the water, from the sea itself. It revealed itself to me while I was sailing my first sea sailing navigation course in the Greek Mediterranean. After 6 years, almost to the day, and also 6 years in October that Dr Emoto passed away, I am making more of a public effort to pass on these findings.

Also because now in 2020, the world is in great turmoil and many people are going to be choosing for a totally different way of life after this.  And with that, I mean having our freedom to move around and show our beautiful faces to one another again. 

Only very, very recently did I find out that Dr Emoto as a researcher agrees with much that I have found out by working hands-on with and on the oceans. Because, when knowing what we know, what if the rivers, seas and oceans, are actually the source and the medium for humanity to unite with practical ease to create a better world? 

Remember, YOU are water too. We all are. Every living thing is water. Cells filled with water. 

The exploration of Consciousness starts with being Aware, Expanding one's Awareness leads the way to tap into Consciousness. And when you do, you seem coherent with a source of extreme knowledge. 

That is the point where creating life and having your heart's desires come true opens up. Because you get what "I AM" means. what I-AMness is. .. Coming on an exclusive holistic sailing retreat with MikMoves means you get the key to unlocking at least some major essentials to start the mastery of these mysteries. 

Below is a video of Mik recorded on 26 June 2020, a spontaneous message she wished to share as a contribution to creating something better beyond the situation of the world at this time. You and anybody can join to make this creation of change come faster and peacefully. 

How to join a sailing retreat?

Participating in a sailing retreat is not just going on a vacation. It is thát, yes, and so much more. 
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It is embarking on an intimate journey of self-growth with a personal coach, guide and mentor at your side 24/7.  Private sessions onboard and guided exercises with the small intimate groups. 
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