Professional Private Coaching

A variety of private 1-on-1 coaching sessions 
Water Whisper Session
These are intuitive readings incorporating the wate held from onboard sailing vessel Makai.
Makai means "surrounded by water" in Hawaïan.
Water Whisperer, Mik, tunes in to you and the water.

It will be 20 to 30 minutes with Zoom/Messenger/Whatsapp.

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Water Whisper Session 
30 min. $100
Release & Create with Ease
Release the old and create the new. 
Bringing forth your pain points you'll be guided into a calm and swift releasing of whatever is stuck. After that, there is a new potential to create what you desire. 
Finding those (heart's) desires is part of the process. Are you ready to step into your new future? 
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Release & Create with Ease 
1 hr $125
Navigating Life
Here is the perfect session for strategy, vision, and targetted life coaching. 
Get clear to become the captain of your life, your business and relationships. Take the tools you can use for life. 
No ordinary session! 
These sessions can take from 90 to 120 minutes and may be recorded for reference use by the client. 

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Private Life Coaching 
2 hrs $250
Release & Create  5-Pack
The facilitation is tailored to your situation. What is it you need clarity on? What is it that you wish to break free from? 
Great to rid yourself from issues that have you feeling frustrated, uncomfortable and restless.
Get clarity and calmness. 

Sessions can be tailored to specific business or projects as well as to personal issues.

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Release & Create Pack
5x 1 hr $ 500

Live Streamed Events

Join in with others from over the world,  or book an event for a special occasion with a group of your own. The content can be tailored to your event theme or project at hand.
R E A L E A S E  
An online event with Mik hosting and guiding a powerful releasing session that you can join from the comfort of your own space.
Suitable for beginners and advanced levels of releasing.
There is the opportunity for Q&A after the release session. 

We use a private group for invitees only on Facebook to do this event. 
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1 hr $49 (USD)

Zoom into Awareness
This kind of Awareness is not just about having alertness.. It is the intuitive sense, the gut feeling, that hunch you have... 
Or is it?
Maybe it's the bridge to Greater Consciousness or it could be a tool, a key to tune into Consciousness.
Find out what Awareness is to you and how it can benefit you.

Join with an open mind!
Freedom nomad Mik guides the get-together with the purpose to invite you to go beyond your thinking mind. 
Then what else is possible ?
On Demand Event
For private groups sharing a special occasion requiring an extra boost of inspiration or motivation.

Useful for to release on a theme for a group with a common goal or interest. 
Tailored to your need.

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Retreat Extra's

There are now some new options to enjoy the results of a sailing retreat when due to travel restrictions or other physical inabilities you cannot join us onboard the actual yacht.
 R E T R E A T  S T R E A M
A unique opportunity to be particapating in an exclusive sailing retreat while not having to travel physically. 

You will be onboard by a virtual ecperience. 
The live streamed footage allows you to see and hear what is happening onboard the ctatamaran and in the water. 

You will have a full retreat program experience, even though there will be adjustments to facilitate you while you at home. 

Your meal menu will be provided to engage in the experience at your home as close as possible. 

Book on request only. 
Retreat Program 1, 2 or 3
Experience the characteristic atmosphere, the private session benefits and all the exercises of the sailing retreats from the comfort of your home.

Unlike any online coaching program all the activities will be brought to you in the setting on the sea and from the catamaran. 

It's like you are there doing the exercises with real imagery on your laptop or tablet. 
Included are private online sessions in support of your progression.

Affordable for those who can't travel, yet it's as if your on the catamaran just the same, 
All the energy coming to you through your screen. 

You set your own pace. 

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Pre-Retreat Discovery Sail 
This is a day-sail meant for you to  experience the sailing dynamics before booking a sailing retreat. 

Get acquainted with the motion of the sea, the comfort of the boat.
You will be introduced to the coaching program by doing a selection of exercises. and get a feel of how Mik works with her clients during an exclusive sailing retreat 

Outstanding catering, a private cabin experience and a short sail to a location close by, and exercises or sessions involved are all included in the price. *

Price is USD 1750 , all included with a 50% credit towards the actual option of a 6-night sailing retreat. 
To book get in touch! 

*) this is NOT a "day-charter" excursion.
Note: Terms and conditions apply.