Healthify your Life

We offer a unique service that can change your life for the 'better to best'.
It's up to you to chose when you get started and how. And you can consult with us on how we can assist. 

A healthy body and mind bring peace to your soul!

And that is also how your authentic self can express itself freely. This is the aim of the coaching programs: 

For You to become Aware of who you are and who you wish to become; what are your heart's desires?

It's a full package of communicating with Self, but we have the ultimate environment, tools and skills to assist you effectively and less time consuming than you might think. 

Moving forward fast in reaching your life goals starts here. And intensive but empowering, encouraging, rejuvenating, replenishing, detoxing, inspiring and motivating journey that will support you for the rest of your life. 

How does it get even better?  

We believe doing what you like adds to your wellbeing, thus your health. We believe eating healthy foods adds to your wellbeing, thus your health. We believe in the healing powers of the salty seawater adding to your health and overall wellbeing. 

What it comes down to, is learning how to create your life according to your authentic nature. And most often that essential aspect, authenticity, is not there. Most people get lost on the way through life doing hat they think they are supposed to do, and that seems valid. Until you find those keys to how creation really works. 

All that is part of healtifying your life.

Besides our own pioneering leading-edge uncharted sailing retreat packages with ultra-effective coaching programs, MikMoves offers exceptional and critically selected matching products supporting you all the way up to and also after or in between the retreats. 

You will find them aboard the boat when you join us on a retreat as well as be introduced to them here on the site. Be inspired by the information brought to you here. Click the blocks below and feel free to get in touch to discuss what's possible for you.