Expanding Awareness leading to Higher Consciousness

What has water got to do with it? 

At the core of MikMoves, you find the Water with its amazing however underestimated qualities.

What if you can find easy access to your path in life, to your happiness, for your body, mind and soul with something as seemingly simple as water?

Specifically designed programs with leading-edge exercises take you on an adventure of self-discovery. You come aboard the catamaran do this.
The water supports you on that epic journey.

You'll learn how to expand your awareness to intensify that gratifying experience. You will also learn by experiencing the gifts of the seawater. 

The Exclusive Sailing Retreats form the entree into a world of rejuvenation, replenishment and longevity. Of detoxing and meditation. 

Healthify, wealthify and beautify your Life!

Awareness expansion exercises and one-on-one release sessions with Mik herself will have you find the keys to 
reconnect with your hearts desires and then learn the mysteries of creation from the inside outward. 

Meet Mik: a free spirit born on the water in 1967 in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Daughter of ex-pat parents, she grew up to be quite the gypsy, always moving around which morphed into a sea nomad lifestyle. 

Mik is a professional holistic life coach, consciousness facilitator, release coach, creative therapist, energy healer, water whisperer, ocean ambassador, global nomad, sailor captain and artist and writer.

As the founder of MikMoves®, she created Sail into Consciousness™, Oceans of Awareness™ and the Water Whispering World™ retreat programs.

At the heart of her talents, Mik holds a bachelor degree in fine arts and photography. From art, she evolved her creational coaching capacities with diversity in psychological, spiritual and holistic courses and studies. 
Leading certifications are accumulated through the Academy of Coaching and Counselling, The Silva Method, Quantum-Touch and Access Consciousness, a.o.  
Having embraced her own unique capacities, consciousness and the expansion of Awareness have her passion to create change in the world. 
Guiding her clients into the "I AM"ness of creation with her profound findings regarding Water and Consciousness, Mik stands out in authenticity offering a unique approach to wellbeing.