Sail into Consciousness

Create a Life You Love to Live

' Grounding in the Sea 

Leading-edge uncharted Exclusive Holistic Sailing Retreats revealing the secrets of the sea for replenishment, rejuvenation and longevity. Backed by science and research. 
The timing couldn't be better!
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' Democratizing Wealth

Life gets better with this radical breakthrough in portfolio trading to wealthify your life now and for the future with more ease than ever presented before.  The timing couldn't be better!

' Creating for the Future

Now is the time to create for the future. Catch the dreams close to your heart and learn how to use your own beautiful imagination to make them come true.
 Online and in-Person Coaching Retreats 
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Healthify, Wealthify & Beautify
Your Life!

  1. Unique Water Whispering for Solace and Healing 
  2. Rejuvenation and detoxing of Body, Mind and Soul
  3. Longevity on the molecular level
  4. Release whatever is holding you back
  5. Authentic Life Creation from within
  6. Experience the true sense of "I AM" and Consciousness
  7. Expand your Wealth in a leading-edge radical way
  8. On- and Offline Retreat Coaching Programs
  9. Ocean Ambassador Memberships
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